Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blessings In Disguise

We may not always understand the Lord's wisdom behind every event; But all things happen for a reason. Who knows? What we may consider as tragedy may turn out to be a blessing after all. God is too wise to be mistaken.

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Yeah, so true. I remember the time when I felt so miserable, that life was so unfair. It was the time when my mom died. During that time, I thought that God doesn't love me, my family, everyone who are left here on Earth. It took five years for me to finally realize the purpose of her death. Now, I already know why God allowed her to leave us: for us, her daughters (especially me and my two younger sisters), to be independent and appreciate each other, to know the importance of sisterhood, especially in hard times.

Monday, November 7, 2011

3 Stages of Life

TEENS - You have all the time and energy but no money.
WORKERS - You have money and energy but no time.
OLDIES - You have all the time and money but no more energy.

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Tama nga naman. Kaya dapat, we should treasure every stage of our life. Be contented of what we have right now and find a way to enjoy life all the time.

Introducing the Just A Thought For The Day

Starting today, I'm going to feature a quotation, a text message or anything worth thinking that was also sent to me by my friends. I decided to make this new feature in this blog since I'm unable to post long articles right now. By the way, Just A Thought For The Day will be updated every time I go online. Hope you'll keep on reading my posts.