Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Unforgettable Moment with my Co-Workers in SL

Yesterday, I and Ate Mitch (my newfound friend here in SL) are already on our way home from work when we suddenly decide to down near the entrance of Embarcadero. Later on, we enjoyed taking pictures with each other. Di pa kami nakuntento, we even took pictures together. That's really funny!

When JP (my fellow writer) passed by with Ma'am Annie (HR Staff) and Ma'am Ivy (I think she's a trainer for call center agents - not sure, though), they joined us. Wow, that's a very amazing experience to bond with them. I never get close with Ma'am Annie and Ma'am Ivy before, it was just yesterday. We had some picture-taking together and I will post them here very soon.

How I wish, palagi ganito. Kahit pa'no nabibigyan ako ng reason to stay in the company. Sana ibigay na ni Lord yung pinakagusto kong maging reason to stay there - sana I get what I and my fellow employees deserve to have. Period.

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Anonymous said...

may tama ka!